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Jan 9, 2022

*new* 2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL! 🌈 Wow! We’re two years closer to heaven, and we barely feel like we’ve scratched the surface. So many questions. How do I witness to homosexuals? Is it okay to hug my girlfriend? And if she and I were to get married, how many cows would I have to pay her father? In this meta episode, we unpack the themes of this past years’ crop of Christian cinema we covered on our show, which spanned the decades from the 1960s to the present. We give thanks for the boundless blessings of great guests, gentle listeners, and generous patrons. We wrap up with the 2nd annual GOLDEN CALF AWARDS - our version of the Oscars, where we dole out awards to the best of the best in Christian cinema. Whether you’re new to our show or a longtime listener, we hope this will be a comprehensive immersion in the world of faith-based film!

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