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Apr 24, 2022

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One for you sports fans! We celebrate the start of the NBA post-season with this Christian basketball movie by director Tim Chay, who is also responsible for two films we’ve covered before on the pod — SUING THE DEVIL and THE GENIUS CLUB. We’re beginning to get a sense of Chay’s signature style. He began his career making made-for-TV secular movies, so he definitely understands the craft. He also seems to have celebrity friends, or knows how to book them. He’s worked with Christian movie faves Tom Sizemore and Stephen Baldwin multiple times. In SLAMMA JAMMA, former baseball power hitter Jose Conseco has a prominent cameo, as does former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Michael Irvin, whose appearance is so crucial to the film it transcends cameo and could be considered more of a supporting role. SLAMMA JAMMA’s star is Chris Staples, a professional dunker known for his appearances in international slam dunk competitions. He shows off his genuinely incredible skills in this film as he portrays a formerly promising basketball star whose career was interrupted by a prison sentence. Like Tim Chay’s other films, SLAMMA JAMMA has extremely competent qualities but tries to do so much with the story that it falls apart into confusing and ridiculous scenarios. We got a kick out of the film’s complicated relationship with materialism, and how mean all the other characters are to the protagonist.

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