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Apr 21, 2024

When Christian teen David Gutierrez arrives at his new high school, he is immediately mortified by being the only kid who says “Under God” during the pledge. He is ruthlessly mocked by the school bully and called into the headmaster’s (Casper Van Dien) office to be reprimanded for breaking the school’s “religious tolerance” rules, which of course mean that all religions are tolerated except for Christianity. David’s debate club advisor (Kevin Sorbo) encourages him to take a stand for his beliefs; this leads David to cause a “viral moment” by asking a visiting presidential candidate (Antonio Sabata Jr.) to put God back into politics, the video of which is then spread online like wildfire. ONE NATION UNDER GOD is a relatively high-budget film for the Christian genre, directed by Lisa Arnold (This Is Our Time), which delightfully hits all the most cliche beats of the faith-based films we know in love — atheist teachers, precocious Christian kids, a preoccupation with “going viral”, and a climactic showdown debate where the Christian kid owns his opponent with logic and reason. It also stars a pantheon of Christian film royalty, with one of Sorbo’s best film performances ever, even though he’s playing basically he same character he plays in all of his films. ONE NATION UNDER GOD is the perfect Christian film to put on with your friends because it’s not too depressing, has several laugh out loud moments, and might even give you a few talking points for your next debate. You’ll be proud that our founding fathers made the Constitution go viral!

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