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Sep 3, 2023

This over-the-top yet underrated Christian boxing film is a who’s who of some of our favorite creators in the faith-based genre. The ever-present Kevin Sorbo co-stars as a burned out boxing coach. TC Stallings, who stars in the Kendrick Brothers’ high-grossing relationship drama WAR ROOM (2015), is in the ONE MORE ROUND ensemble as a hulking rival boxer. However, the names we’re most excited to see on the credits are director Chip Rossetti and co-writer and co-star Donald James Parker, the duo behind the incredibly grating yet wonderful GRAMPS GOES TO COLLEGE (2014) about an old guy who enrolls in an undergrad program to debunk the lies of Biology 101. Donald James Parker’s writerly touch is all over what could otherwise be a straightforwardly inspirational tale about a lapsed Christian boxer (Jake Taylor, played by Tommy Lee Thomas) who needs a miracle to be able to provide for his family. Parker’s insane turns of phrase and trademark toxic female characters elevate the drama of ONE MORE ROUND to surreal territory. However, there’s one more shining star in the cast who we should mention — Franco Columbu, the bodybuilder, actor, and frequent associate of Arnold Schwarzenegger, who made his final film appearance in ONE MORE ROUND shortly before he passed away in 2019. With such a glittering list of names associated with this film, we wonder, why isn’t ONE MORE ROUND more well known in the Christian film world? We attempt to answer this question during our discussion with a little help from a new “Good Art/Bad Art” chart that made the rounds on Twitter this week, which has finally removed the subjectivity from art criticism and rendered our jobs useless from this point forward.

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