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Oct 17, 2021

The weather is getting colder, which means - finally! Christian Girl Autumn is here. This meme aesthetic draws power from semi-ironic appreciation of both American Protestantism and American consumerism. Wide hats, fuzzy boots, and Starbucks are en vogue. Mood! Christian Girl Autumn is exemplified by a film that was made well before the aesthetic was ever identified - 2014’s OLD FASHIONED. This is an auteur piece directed, written, and produced by its lead actor Rik Swartzwelder, in which a deeply Christian man named Clay is obsessed with doing romance “the right way”. His theories on dating include the idea that no single man and woman should ever be alone in the same room together, so he is constantly making his new love interest (manic pixie dream girl Amber) wait outside for him like a dog. Amber is somehow refreshed by his anachronistic views, so the two cavort together in the autumn leaves, drinking hot chocolate and listening to smoky jazz records in Clay’s antique shop, which is aptly named “Old Fashioned”. Here to unpack this distinctly Christian Girl Autumn film are two Christian influencers with their fingers on the pulse of the intersection of God culture and meme culture - Kyle and Amanda of the popular instagram page @ineedgodineverymomentofmylife. Listen for a chance to save 10% when you shop their fantastic new merch line!

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