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Jul 7, 2024

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Billing itself as a light-hearted Christian family film, MOMS’ NIGHT OUT is accidentally a chilling indictment of millennial parenting. Allyson is a busy full-time stay-at-home mom with aspirations to run a famous mommy blog. Feeling unfulfilled in her role as a mother, she decides to decompress with a night on the town accompanied by her two best friends Sondra and Izzy. Despite the full support each mom gets from her family for a well-deserved break, the act of the moms leaving their respective houses triggers a series of chaotic and traumatic events that are supposed to be funny but are actually extremely stressful. Every character is a terrible communicator, and you get the sense that moms having fun disrupts some kind of ancient social order to the point of severe consequences for everyone involved. Directed by the Erwin brothers (I STILL BELIEVE), MOMS’ NIGHT OUT is a competently-produced and commercially successful film, drawing appeal from its relatively star-studded cast including Sarah Drew (GREY’S ANATOMY) Sean Astin (LORD OF THE RINGS), Patricia Heaton (EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND) and country singer Trace Adkins. Even more important to us at Boys’ Bible Study are featured performances by Christian film scene veterans Andrea Logan and also Alex Kendrick, one of the famous Kendrick Brothers, who have created and starred in some of the highest grossing Christian movies of all time. We were excited to watch MOMS’ NIGHT OUT for Mothers’ Day, but forgot, so we watched it for “Mothers’ Day In July” and ended up being horrified by the film’s grating millennial humor and depiction of each character as simultaneously whiny and helpless yet obsessively self-important. Bible Boy Julian calls the depcition of family in MOMS’ NIGHT OUT “scarier than THE HANDMAID’S TALE” and we think our gentle listeners will agree.

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