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Dec 18, 2022

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Director Timothy A. Chey is one of our all time favorite filmmakers, and we can always count on him for an entertaining movie-watching experience. That's why this is the fifth film of his we've formally reviewed on our show! Chey's trademark is a plot device we've started calling... The CheyZone™. It works like this: get about 10 people in a room and give them a reason to be pissed off at each other. They'll begin angrily monologuing and participating in a group debate that reinforces political and spiritual concepts subscribed to by Chey himself. These include: evolution isn't real, football is a distraction from church, and car alarms were literally created by Satan. (These topics are discussed in multiple Chey films.) LIVE FAST, DIE YOUNG enters The CheyZone™ by dropping us in a Christmas party attended by the most elite of Hollywood's young stars. When a famous actress dies suddenly of a drug overdose, the partygoers are held in a room to be questioned by police. They then enter....... The CheyZone™.

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