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Mar 29, 2020

Our friend Anne of Valley Video and NOlympics LA joins us to analyze what we consider to be THE definitive contemporary Christian movie. The one that inspired us to start this podcast. Kevin Sorbo stars as a celebrity atheist author whose near death experience changes his spiritual perspective. The supporting cast is star-studded too - Sean Hannity appears, country legend Travis Tritt is in the mix, reformed former mob boss Michael Franzese plays "Pastor Vinny", and Sorbo's wife Sam and his two kids figure prominently. We went extra long on this one so we could talk about everything. We hope you enjoy! Please excuse our sound quality on this one as the quarantine caught us off guard. All of us have our own mic setups at home now and will be free of sin in future episodes. 

Check out Anne's fantastic screening series Valley Video, and look for a livestream show soon!

Also check out Anne's organization NOlympics LA, which aims to cancel the 2028 LA Olympics that will ruin lives and destroy our beautiful city

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