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Mar 5, 2023

The sequel to the beloved Christian parkour film LEAP is an ambitious jump up in every way, from production quality to knowledge of biblical prophecy, allowing its cast of fit teens to hit the antichrist where it hurts him the most — his evil headquarters in the Vatican City. It’s the contrast between the film’s DIY action thriller tropes and the wordiness of its anti-Catholic messaging that makes LEAP: RISE OF THE BEAST one of the most fascinating Christian films we’ve ever watched. Director Chris Tempel was in his early to mid 20s when he made this film, and it’s truly remarkable what he was able to achieve on such a small budget and with self-taught filmmaking skills. He’s clearly obsessed with Hollywood action blockbusters, but not nearly as obsessed as he is with Bible study. LEAP: RISE OF THE BEAST uses Tempel’s own conclusions he drew from self-guided Bible studies to transmit lofty ideas of how mainstream Christianity gets the Bible wrong. Tempel frequently blames the Catholics for using their influence throughout history to knowingly subvert Biblical teachings, convincing the average Christian to take up incorrect habits such as going to church on Sundays instead of Saturdays. In fact, Tempel goes as far as to argue that the end times prophecy of the Book of Revelations uses the metaphor of the antichrist and the beast to represent the anti-Pope and the Vatican City. LEAP: RISE OF THE BEAST is a delightful film for being so precocious and yet so confident in its message that most Christians don’t understand the basic facts of their own religion, and that a gaggle of backflipping teens are our only hope in the fight against the evil Catholics.

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