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Feb 26, 2023

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This Christian parkour movie is full of rapture prophecy scripture painstakingly lifted from the King James Version of the Bible, and DIY death-defying stunts by a cast of Russian teen freerunners. LEAP is a low budget, backyard Christian film with a cult following. An upload of the film has over a million views on YouTube, which is apt because parkour itself is an internet video-based phenomenon, emerging in popularity around the time of LEAP’s release. Director/writer Chris Tempel must have had the vision to see that young people would be open to hearing about the Bible in between compilations of cool teens doing parkour stunts, so he created this film that basically alternates parkour montages and extended Bible study sequences. Interestingly, the Bible study scenes are among the most conservative we’ve ever encountered in a Christian film. In one scene, the youth pastor character explicitly states that AIDS is God’s earthly punishment for the crimes of homosexuality and adultery. Most Protestant films we encounter, especially ones aimed at teens, don’t take on so heavy of a message — LEAP, however, is as bold as the dangerous dives over bike racks and picnic tables it depicts. The film even sets itself up for the biggest leap of all — an ambitious sequel (LEAP: RISE OF THE BEAST) that takes on the entire religion of Catholicism and its sick plot to induce the New World Order. We’ll be covering the sequel next week on our show!

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