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May 29, 2022

Although our journey through Christian cinema has taken us many places, we always return home — the filmography of David A.R. White. He’s the co-founder of Pure Flix, and the producer/actor/director behind so many of the most notable faith-based films. He defines the genre. The tones and themes that most people would associate with their conception of “Christian film” are inspired by David’s body of work.  But IN THE BLINK OF AN EYE is an odd one even among his diverse catalog. This Christian take on GROUNDHOG DAY stars David as an atheist cop whose attempt to solve a kidnapping mystery while on vacation with his wife takes an unexpected turn when the rapture happens and traps him in a never-ending time loop. Joining us for this episode is our friend Anthony Banua-Simon. Anthony returns to the show to discuss his acclaimed debut feature documentary CANE FIRE and to lend his knowledge of David A.R. White to our discussion. We originally met Anthony because of his short documentary PURE FLIX AND CHILL (2018), which uses found footage and supercuts to present a compelling biography of David A.R. White, and proves definitively that David is the kingpin of Christian cinema. 

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