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Apr 3, 2022

The tragic, infamous Columbine High School shooting of 1999 had an unintended result: it inspired a pop cultural Christian martyr story that is as well-known to millennial churchgoers as anything from the Bible. The legend goes that when high school junior Rachel Scott was approached on that fateful day by teenage gunmen Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, they asked her, “Do you believe in God?”. She responded in the affirmative, and she was promptly executed. It’s a compelling story, but is it true? Eyewitness accounts are conflicted, but that hasn’t stopped Rachel’s legacy as a bonafide martyr. Books, artwork, youth missioning materials, and now this 2016 feature film certify her status as a contemporary Christian icon. I’M NOT ASHAMED (2016) gives Rachel star treatment. The minute details of her life are elevated to drastic importance — even the doodles in her notebook take on spiritual significance. She’s troubled, but ultimately perfect. Even in her death, she inspires millions. But elevating an ordinary girl into a modern myth feels profane instead of sacred. Indeed, I’M NOT ASHAMED is a bizarre, cynical, and often hilarious mess of film with jaw-dropping levels of disrespect. We’re honored to have legendary underground film director William Hellfire as our guest today. He and his creative partner Joey Smack released their Columbine parody film DUCK! THE CARBINE HIGH MASSACRE in 1999, a mere 4 months after the tragic mass shooting that inspired it. Their daring artwork made national news and even got the directors symbolically arrested on a weapons charge, clearly meant as a pageant to get their local police force a television appearance. We had so much fun exposing William to the world of Christian film by showing him the funhouse mirror image of his own work.

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