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Sep 17, 2023

The Jehovah’s Witnesses are possibly the superior filmmakers of all the Christian denominations. Although much of their process is shrouded in secrecy since they never provide production information, there is clearly a sophisticated filmmaking operation in place at the Watch Tower Society, with professional-grade actors, writers, and technicians putting their talents together to reinforce the message of Jehovah. We’ve previously covered JW features such as REMEMBER THE WIFE OF LOT, THE PRODIGAL RETURNS and THESE WORDS . . . MUST BE ON YOUR HEART. All of these films are modern-day retellings of Bible stories, all are competently directed with passionate performances from anonymous actors, and all emphasize relatively extreme, austere, and literal interpretations of the Bible compared to other sects. This week’s film HOPE FOR WHAT WE DO NOT SEE is based on the story of Job. Similar to Job, protagonist Ethan Bannister’s life sucks. Despite being a model Jehovah’s Witness, Ethan seems punished in life. He loses his reliable job at the factory, he’s diagnosed with cancer, and then (in the ultimate Christian movie event) he loses both his father AND his youngest son in a car accident. Why would Jehovah test His faithful servant like this? In HOPE FOR WHAT WE DO NOT SEE, we learn that Jehovah isn’t the cause of our suffering, but instead our refuge in times of difficulty. We also appreciate the subtle nods in the script to some of our favorite Jehovah’s Witness quirks — no blood transfusions, no dating until adulthood, and absolutely NO working overtime at your job.

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