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Feb 4, 2024

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If you’re reading this, the worst has happened. All of your friends and family who are much better than you have been raptured, yet you’re stuck here alone on earth. If you look out the window right now, it’s highly likely you’ll observe thermonuclear war. It’s never been more over for you… or is it? A transmission from the LEFT BEHIND cinematic universe might be just the kick you need to get you inspired to make the most of your life post-rapture. Marketed as a piece of genuine found footage from a church group, HAVE YOU BEEN LEFT BEHIND? sells itself as a VHS tape providing life advice for those “left behind”, but it’s actually a cleverly staged y2k era viral marketing stunt for the LEFT BEHIND series of books and films. On the tape, a Pastor Vernon Billings warmly greets the viewer, telling them they have another chance to find salvation in this life — but eagle-eared LEFT BEHIND fans might recognize this pastor as a minor character from the series. The VHS tape jacket and contents leave some hints to this connection, but this interesting artifact of Christian ARG marketing has still fooled a lot of people over the years into believing it’s genuine. The Bible Boys discuss the tape’s take on rapture theology and also take time to investigate LEFT BEHIND: ETERNAL FORCES, the now-defunct Christian real-time strategy PC game also based on the famous series.

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