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Aug 28, 2022

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One of the most insane films we’ve ever watched is this deceptively unassuming-looking flick that actually contains one of the wildest ego trips ever performed in front of the camera. GRAMPS GOES TO COLLEGE is the story of Ty Bounds (Donald James Parker), a man in his sixties who feels called by God to go back to college. His mission? Disrupt biology 101 class and teach his new 18-year-old friends that they must reject the teachings of evolution. Ty also decides to live in the freshmen dorms, sharing a room with a young Christian man named Brad, who Ty is constantly surveilling and humiliating by doing things such as giving him “the sex talk” at 2am when Brad tries to sneak in late after a party. But a simple school-days comedy this is not — it gets metaphysical when a girl is literally raised from the dead after dying on her feet during a binge drinking competition. Writer/star Donald James Parker sees himself as a cultural hero, and the Gramps character is dripping with the arrogance of a Christian who believes that he can fully know God. Great movie, highly recommended!

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