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Jun 16, 2024

To celebrate Father Dads’ day, we watched another film by the genius Kenya Cagle, the auteur behind the extremely watchable faith-based films THE BOY WHO SAW CHRIST and MY KING. We’ve noticed that all of Mr. Cagle’s films have in common that they are not afraid to show edgy adult themes in the context of presenting a faith-based message. FATHER DAD is no exception — it’s the first Christian film we can ever remember watching with an extensive rape scene. In the film, Madge has remarried a kindly man her kids call “Father Dad” after healing from her previous relationship with the evil Lucius, who until recently has been in prison for attempted murder. Lucius is out now and will do anything in his power to destroy Madge’s new life to get his kids back. Lucius’s evil schemes reveal dark truths about the prison system, mainly that many inmates are having gay sex with each other behind bars and becoming infected with HIV, endangering the women they pursue once they are free men. It’s a thrilling tale about sex, lies, and intrigue that never lets up its breakneck pace for the entire 2 hour runtime, a very rare quality in Christian films, so we can’t recommend FATHER DAD enough. Show it to your father who stepped up on this special Sunday.

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