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Sep 12, 2021

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A modern day morality play from a Christian lens about fatphobia and the perils of online dating, FAT CHANCE is a viral success, with millions of views on its unofficial uploads on YouTube. In the tradition of contemporary digital video content that generates clicks based on its portrayal of highly relatable ethical dilemmas, such as the popular videos by Dhar Mann, FAT CHANCE shows us a scenario that could be highly familiar, but twists it through a funhouse mirror so that it instead feels way more cartoonish and sinister. Protagonist Allison is overweight and has low self esteem, so she thinks the only way to seduce her crush is to catfish him online using pictures of her own roommate as bait. But this massive betrayal of trust isn’t accurately identified or punished by the events of the film, which is a huge blind spot that completely undermines any inspirational message. The lead actress is also wearing an ill fitting fat suit the whole time, which we think is a cowardly artistic decision that pushes this supposedly feel-good film into the realm of parody.

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