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Dec 4, 2022

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Our month of Christmas movies begins with this ambitious inspirational comedy about senior citizens gone wild. Simon and Emily Fairway are a devout Christian couple who live in a senior living facility in Florida. FAITH FILLED CHRISTMAS follows each of them individually as their paths branch off for separate days of fun. Simon hangs at home with his fellow retirees while his mischievous friend Byron secretly organizes a “Geezer Olympics” physical fitness competition unbeknownst to the facility’s strict headmistress. Meanwhile, Emily has a day out with her family, who happen to be an atypically structured and ethnically diverse group due to the Fairways’ participation in the foster system. It’s a cute combination of stories with genuinely wholesome themes such as diversity, respect, and care for the less fortunate. However, the film is not without its flaws. The character “Guru” is just an Indian guy stereotype played for laughs, which is a weird standout in this film that’s all about how people of different races can co-exist respectfully. Also, shallow criticisms of Islam, and a bizarre invocation of the tragic Orlando nightclub shooting of 2016 raise eyebrows during a scene where Christian teens are proselytizing on the beach. Still, we highly recommend this film if for no other reason than its climactic final scene of senior citizens partying hard to the song “That Junk is Crazy” by Christian EDM artist J-Dub.

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