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Oct 29, 2023

Muslim extremists encounter extra-dimensional demons while developing a new strain of bacterial meningitis to use for bioterrorism in this harebrained Christian sci-fi/horror film by auteur Jim Carroll, who rose to viral fame in 2020 for his similarly conceptually ambitious film ASSASSIN 33 A.D., in which Muslim extremists go back in time to kill Jesus before He can be crucified and resurrected. It’s clear that Jim Carroll has Islam on the brain; he portrays Muslim people as not only vindictive toward Christians, but also capable of achieving some of the most advanced scientific accomplishments in human history in order to thwart Christianity. The Muslim extremists in EVIL BEHIND YOU have kidnapped two (white) couples, whose backstories unravel as they attempt to escape their medical torture dungeon, and we learn of each protagonist’s relationship to faith in Jesus Christ. Also threatening these unwilling test subjects are a group of low-poly CGI demons, who seem to be waiting for their victims to die so they can drag their unsaved souls into hell. It’s a race against the clock to accept Christ into your heart before terrorism or disease kill you in this bleak, bizarre, and compelling Christian thriller.

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