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Apr 23, 2023

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A film that could have simply been a straightforward, wholesome tale about compassion for the homeless becomes a surreal pseudo-Christian epic for the VHS era. EMANON was the directorial debut of Stuart Paul, but the film is truly a family production. Stuart Paul’s siblings, Steven and Bonnie Paul, as well as his mother, Dorothy Paul, have credits on the movie. Becoming familiar with these names will unlock an entire world of filmmaking, with famous titles over the years one may not have realized were interconnected — for instance, the BABY GENIUSES franchise, and the BRATZ live action adaptation are all Steven Paul productions. Stuart, however is the one who shines in EMANON - he plays the titular character, a homeless drunk capable of magical feats that cause some to believe he may be the second coming of Christ. He is watched with interest by Jason Ballentine, heir of the famous Ballentine fashion company — a disabled spoiled rich kid who is driven around New York City all day by his faithful chauffeur, Max. Jason’s mother Molly is struggling to take over the company after the Ballentine patriarch recently passed away. When Jason discovers Emanon, this unassuming man could unlock the key to creating a truly bizarre “homeless couture” fashion line that will change the world and get the Ballentine company back into financial solvency.

Thank you to Wormy for providing research for this episode. Wormy’s introduction to Paul family productions can be found on Letterboxd:

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