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Nov 28, 2021

This episode came about by chance - or fate? While waiting in line at a recent Boys’ Night outing to the 100 gecs concert in Los Angeles, two people passed us Christian propaganda in the form of fake $1,000,000 bills. It wasn’t until later we realized this was direct contact from representatives of the legendary Living Waters Ministries. Living Waters is the life’s work of Ray Comfort, a notorious minister and filmmaker whose disarming yet aggressive demeanor makes him one of our most watchable auteurs. We’ve covered Ray’s filmmaking before, especially in our bonus episode on AUDACITY, which is the Living Waters official guide for how to mission to gay people. Our chance encounter inspired us to watch CRAZY BIBLE, which shows Ray Comfort in his element. He’s combining gonzo filmmaking tactics, stock footage, and narration over repurposed youtube videos in order to show atheists that their belief system is based on the ridiculous idea that “something came from nothing”. Will CRAZY BIBLE be the ultimate artwork that finally humbles atheists, and grants Ray Comfort an audience with his rival Penn Jillette? No! It won’t!

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