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Nov 5, 2023

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Ash and Julian do a victory lap celebrating the end of Halloween season while presenting shocking new evidence that Halloween has officially become a religious holiday in the minds of the American public. Then, we move on to one of our favorite subjects — Christian magicians. We examine the videos of Joshua Lozoff and Brice Harney, two gigging magicians who advertise themselves to a Christian audience and incorporate wholesome elements into their shows in different ways. Finally, we stumble upon what seems to be a common youth group experience: The Sin Chair. We’re not sure of the origins of this skit frequently performed at church events and talent shows, but it seems to be passed along like a meme from youth group to youth group, interpreted in very different ways. In the skit, a character sits on a chair prominently labeled “Do Not Touch”, which causes them to get stuck to the chair. A series of people attempt to rescue them, only getting themselves stuck in the process. Finally, a character prays, which unlocks the sin chair and frees everyone. It seems like a simple and powerful metaphor for sin, but we can’t help but think that it barely makes any sense at all. Still, our study of Christian stagecraft was a welcome conclusion to the darkness and despair we felt while entangled in the devil’s “spooky season.” 

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