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Aug 5, 2021

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Ray Comfort and his Living Waters Ministries present this absolute banger of a film about witnessing to homosexuals. Not one of the 55 minutes of this film is wasted - the action is blistering, the dramatic high points are at once psychologically distressing yet laugh out loud funny, and the unscripted man-on-the-street interviews are a fantastic display of Ray Comfort’s unbearable New Zealand Christian wit pitted against an unsuspecting public. AUDACITY follows Ray Comfort’s traditional format of blending scripted drama with unscripted POV missioning clips captured on camera by Ray himself. While it may be a routine production for Ray, it’s a shock to the senses for anyone expecting a somewhat “normal” film. This bizarre structure, put to use to argue in the year 2015 that gay people should not be tolerated, creates a profoundly alienating and confounding cinematic experience that has to be seen to believed. Probably one of the best films we’ve ever reviewed for this podcast.

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