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Apr 28, 2024

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A random act of kindness can make someone’s day… but what if I really didn’t need my day to be made? In A WAVE OF KINDNESS, a man named Ernesto shows kindness to strangers by waving at them from the side of the road every day while wearing a hat that says “I ❤️ JESUS”. No one can really explain why this is kind or helpful, but Ernesto does it nonetheless, and attracts a local reputation for his efforts. When Ernesto fails to show up to his usual spot for a few days, a young journalist named Lance (played by Braeden Sorbo, son of Kevin) decides to try to locate and profile him, after his boss at the local paper (Kevin Sorbo) threatens to fire Lance if he can’t come up with a happy, inspiring news story by the end of the week. Working on the story about Ernesto has a healing effect on Lance, who has buried himself in his work ever since the death of his mother in a texting and driving accident, a tragedy that fractured his family. Lance’s father drinks and Lance’s younger sister stays out late partying and smoking cigarettes, but when Lance finds Ernesto in the hospital, the whole family unites to help him the way that he helped them. A WAVE OF KINDNESS would be a heartwarming movie except for the fact that it is completely incoherent from start to finish, and it never proves its claim that Ernesto’s actions have any effect on the world around him. It’s a common Christian pop cultural trope that symbolic actions can have real world power, but A WAVE OF KINDNESS still manages to be one of the least believable faith-based films ever made, despite its very simple premise.

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