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Mar 12, 2023

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This gripping family drama about a middle class Catholic family and its patriarch, the Kitchen King, shows the difficult choices that one must make in leading their life according to Biblical principles. The Kitchen King is protagonist Peter Landingham’s business moniker. He sees his duty in life as “serving the great American middle class” by installing perfect kitchens, which in his eyes are the heart of the home. He has many folk theories about how the kitchen can symbolize the state of the relationship between a husband and wife. But Peter’s own perfect family life is thrown into shambles when his former high school sweetheart, now married to a rich man, commissions an extravagant kitchen from The King that is obviously an attempt to rekindle an old flame. Peter struggles with the temptation to cheat on his wife, Claire, especially after she reveals a bombshell secret of her own that threatens her relationship with Peter and their son, Peter Jr. The drama never stops, but A BRAND NEW KITCHEN also features full original musical numbers, and bizarre montages illustrating how  Peter Jr.’s courtship of his girlfriend incestually mirrors the past relationship his father had with his own high school sweetheart. Truly, any lover of religious films would want to convert to Catholicism after letting the Kitchen King remodel your heart.

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