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Jan 23, 2022

🦠 Captivating the internet this week is the debut movie by Joshua Wesely, a Christian influencer from Germany, whose fascinating personal life and unique creative vision caused he and his wife Isabelle to go viral on Twitter and get gawked at by a huge new audience. At first, Twitter users were simply struck by the premise of the film, that in 2025 “Christianity is illegal” and “Communism is all over the place”. But after combing through Joshua and Isabelle’s social media pages for clues on the artists, a startling new fact came out - the couple started dating when Isabelle was 14 and Joshua was likely 19 and serving as her church’s youth pastor. They got married in 2020 soon following Isabelle’s 18th birthday, the same year that Joshua made this film. Naturally, we at BBS got several requests to do a full review, and we rushed to watch the film ourselves. We found a fresh new twist on the Christian “pandemic film” - a microgenre that has naturally emerged since 2020 as certain conservative Christians felt threatened by heightened government surveillance, and spun it into fantasies that their very own reigion would be persecuted. This topic could easily make for a tedious film, but Joshua Wesley’s film debut held our interest very well with delightful ESL dialogue, vivid “YouTube tutorial lighting”, and bizarre subplots involving Christian hackers and graffiti artists.

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